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Email Marketing Strategy

E-mail marketing was the first marketing strategy that was used for online marketing purpose. E-mail marketing since then has come a long way. Today while e-mail marketing one has to pay considerable respect and attention to the laws and regulations of e-mail marketing. Commercial marketing through e-mail is still not that popular and many recipients of such emails call it as spam and delete it even without opening the mail. Spam is defined as sending big and large e-mails or attachments of unsolicited commercial information. These e-mails are mostly sent to a recipient without their permission or consent and hence are called as spam emails. E-mail marketing related to business content should make sure that they follow the rules of piracy as well as spam act. In most of the countries, their governments look after the implementation of the spam act.

Thanks to miscreants and some abusive use of the email service and the constant to media attention on these subjects, e-mail marketing have developed a negative effect and a bad name. Thoughtful and legal use of this platform can be made to get maximum benefits from marketing campaigns and to popularize your product. But many people do not undertake e-mail marketing because it is not that cost effective and efficient as compared to other internet marketing methods.

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E-mail marketing has two specific types namely:
- Sending e-mails to improve client relations. That is to encourage existing clients to carry on business or to invite old clients to business again.
- Sending emails and new letters to people who have signed for the service. These e-mails can also contain advertisements and links to the official web site of the organization.

The crucial and most important factor of an email marketing campaign is the total number of recipients who have received the e-mail, the total number of recipients who have shown interest and replied to the e-mail and the total number of people who finally bought the product.

Another important aspect of email marketing is to target the right kind of people who will not only show interest in the product as well as buy it. E-mail marketing gives optimum output and gives good results if the marketing is done by targeting a group of people or certain people who you know will show interest in the product. For e.g., if a company is running a special offer or discount of software programs then e-mails of such campaigns should be sent only to people related to the software field and people who will actually buy the discounted software program.

Email Marketing Strategy examples

Target Email marketing Strategy is very important because people get easily annoyed or irritated if they receive e-mails with content that has no use for them. This will form a bad reputation of your organization and from next time people will delete your emails even without reading them. Also, the vice versa of this is true and e-mails with relevant information are always welcomed by people.

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